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Have I mentioned yet how much I love fall? It love the crisp leaves and the hot cider. Not to mention there are pumpkins for sale in almost every farmers front lawn. I was on my way home from an estate sale and I came across this adorable farm stand so naturally we had to […]

My Favorite Daphne Tweed Coat and a Pumpkin Patch


Daphne Tweed Coat from J.crew

A few weeks ago my pal Ashley and I went for a road trip for the first time since March. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but once we hit the road it felt soooo good to get a change of scenery. We rented a little air bnb in Urbana, Ohio about 20 […]

Exploring Urbana Ohio Springfield Antique Extravaganza


Cupcake Shop Urbana Ohio Lets Eat Cake

Every Wednesday Otto and I visit the farmers market before taking him to school and we load up on pumpkins for the front porch. I finally had a chance to arrange them a few days ago on the porch and Otto was very adamant that the porch needs to be spooky. It’s so fun having […]

Spooky Fall Front Porch

At The Market

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch

I’m going to continue my quest to get you all to visit Michigan and share with you more about what one of my favorite lakeshore towns has to offer. A few weeks ago I was able to share a day in downtown Holland on my instagram but I wanted to give it a more permanent […]

The Perfect Day in Downtown Holland


Big pink gladiolas at the downtown farmers market in holland michigan

It was really hard for me to take down the gallery wall in the formal dining room. It was the first room we ever completed and it had been that way for a number of years. I’m someone that once I get things the way I like them, I don’t really change them. Unless I […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor for the Formal Dining Room


Farmhouse Fall Dining Room Decor

I get asked quite a bit who takes all of your photos!? It’s typically either my husband Joe or my pal Ashley. It took me a long time to get my rhythm and learn how to take quality photos for my blog but once I stared to dive in, I learned to really love it […]

Beginner Photography Tips


Family Photo Shoot in the Garden by the old shed

I drove by our old house earlier this week and I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since we’ve moved to the farm. It’s been a true whirlwind as we’ve added fruit trees, gardens, sheep, chickens and a kid. It feels like just yesterday and as we are getting ready to overhaul the house […]

Questions and Answers About Our Farm


Loeffler Randall Floral Dress

The leaves are starting to turn here already and as much as I’m fighting it I’m slowly giving way to accepting fall is here/coming. Typically I would be jumping up and down with pumpkins on my porch and a PSL in my hand but I’m anxious about pushing the seasons along this year. Slow and […]

Comfy and Cozy Loungewear at The Found Cottage

At The Market

Ruffled Cream Zip Up Cardigan

Allow me a moment to share the saga of this ketchup. I had this post and recipe all typed up and ready to go last week and when I hit “publish” it was gone. Disappeared and nowhere to be found. I needed to take a step back from my rage and disbelief and now here […]

Homemade Tomato Ketchup Recipe


Homemade Ketchup from the Ball Canning Book

I will always remember the night that Joe and I spent in Italy under the starts of an old patio with 4 other strangers and a chef enjoying hot bread and pasta that we had just prepared all together from our cooking class. It was one of those nights you see in a movie. Laughing […]

Marinated Tomatoes with Goat Cheese

In The Kitchen

Olive Oil And Tomatoes

Otto is obsessed with the “little house” in Pentwater and begs to go back every time I pick him up from daycare. When Joe and I bought this place back in 2012 it was nothing to brag about. It had been a home to mice and who knows what else, electrical cords taped together and […]

Q & A Pentwater Cottage The Little House


Pentwater Tiny Cottage Pentwater Michigan

Ok so this pink gingham dress might be a bit over the top but it would be me if it wasn’t over the top. When I found that I could even purchase the shoes to match I hit the click-click to send my order on over to Allegan. This outfit is actually two piece and […]

Pink J.crew Gingham Dress

At The Market

Pink Gingham Two PIece J.Crew Dress