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Curly Hair with Cream Tunic

It is hard sometimes to find the best pieces at Free People and  I’m well aware that there might be an “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear” situation. If you shop regularly at Free People you know what I’m talking about. On the model it looks like a dreamy, flowy dress perfect […]

How to find the best pieces at Free People

Style & Fashion

i did something when i was in new york. i went to gucci. i wasn’t going to do any harm i was just having a few hours to myself in new york city and was just browsing. i went to the location in soho and was just stunned. the colors, the design, the velvet and […]

Plaid Free People Top

Style & Fashion

dress: Free People Emma Dress booties: MTNG becca bootie remember when i was part of the farmgirl flea? remember when i shopped during any possible break i got? remember when i bought a dress at the show? ok but in my defense this was NOT your grandmas flea market. we had jb and me there. […]

free people emma dress

Style & Fashion

so once upon a time i bought this dress that was sparkly. i bought it (shamefully) at a black friday sale circa 2013. i had to have it. i just didn’t know what to wear it with. (broke rule 101) (i break most budget rules). the poor dress, she hung in my closet for a […]

Casual Free People Party Dress

Style & Fashion

my answer to everything lately has been “a few days ago” even though it might have been yesterday or two weeks ago. it’s hard to keep track of what happened when. we’ve been in the general floor for… a few days now and have been adjusting quite well here. i look at the general floor […]

the goodness of people


Midwesterners have sweaters for all occasions. They have everything from winter sweaters to ski sweaters to even spring sweaters. This past week in Michigan we had a 50-degree temperature swing. It was -9F one day and then today it was 40F with sunshine. I am so ready for warmer weather. Every morning I walk out […]

My Favorite Sweater Outfits

Style & Fashion

Chunky Knit Sweater

Even during the pandemic, trends emerge and since late August academia style is back. We are at the point where we are post holiday excitement and pre spring waiting. While I do love the fresh start that January offers I long for the time of gardening, farmers markets and patio dining. However this quiet time […]

Everyday Academia Style

Style & Fashion

Zip up plaid poncho

Last year we celebrated NYE with our friends and their children at the Leland Lodge. It was amazing. We played card games, we went sledding, we did a little wine tasting. It was really a magical time and something we were hoping to turn into a yearly tradition. I’m hopeful in 2021 we’ll be celebrating […]

Ten Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020


Telling secrets with Otto

  Black Friday is coming earlier (online) my friends. Madewell just posted that all of their site is 30% off! Which means my new favorite jacket / shirt thing is 30% off. This was the only thing I ended up putting my closet after a rowdy round of “keep or return” on my instagram and […]

Madewell Plaid Coat Jacket

Style & Fashion

Plaid Madewell coat

It’s my birthday this weekend and I am all dressed up with nowhere to go. Last year Joe took me to Detroit for a weekend away. We toured the Edsel Ford house, ate a fantastic dinner and had a weekend alone to do whatever we wanted. When we celebrated Joe’s birthday in quarantine I thought […]

Turning 34


New Grand Rapids Hotel

I bought the first duster sweater of the season this month when I needed a brain break and popped in to free people with my pal Ashley. It’s been a while since either one of us found something we had to have and coincidentally we each found something that day. I purchased this long length […]

How to style a long duster sweater

Style & Fashion

Grand Rapids Michigan Downtown Street Shot

This weekend could not come soon enough and I am ready to close the computer and relax for a little bit with my family. We have nothing planned except for a charity dinner Saturday night. The rest of the weekend we are going to soak up the cold sunshine and maybe go for a walk, […]

My Favorite Friday Jeans

Style & Fashion

Sparkle Sweater with Purple Vespa

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