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Simple and easy brunch quiche

Typically we venture up north in Michigan and spend a couple weekends before spring breaks into summer but this year is different due to the stay home orders. I know that we will be able to head back north soon but for now I will not be able to visit my normal foraging spots for […]

Ramp and Gruyere Quiche Recipe

Style & Fashion

i’ve been reading about ramps for years and the first time i had them they were rolled into homemade butter from the local epicurean in downtown grand rapids. they are so crisp and garlicky they make everything just pop. last year on our way home from northern michigan we stopped and grab some from the […]

three things to make with wild ramps

Food & Beverage

wild ramps from michigan

Michigan is currently being blessed with an early spring right now and I have never been happier about it. The flowers are popping up a bit earlier and the earth is thawing. I’m holding my breath for one or two more light snows as Michigan likes to do. I am looking forward to all the […]

Lemon Blondie Bars with Lavender Buttercream Icing

Food & Beverage

Lemon Blondies with Lavender Buttercream Icing

Nobody puts baby in a corner. Especially if she’s dutch. I whipped up this gruyere and onion dutch baby last week Sunday for our stay at home brunch (again). It was an act of desperation I guess one could say. It was the end of the week and I hadn’t bought groceries yet so it […]

Gruyere and Onion Dutch Baby

Food & Beverage

Gruyere and Egg Bake

This past Saturday Otto and I decided we needed some fresh air while Joe was out deer hunting. We bundled up and headed to the Holland Farmers Market to see what was going on at the market. It was sunny and the air was crisp. We walked from stall to stall taking in all of […]

Holland Winter Farmers Market


Fall Michigan Farmers Markets

the gifts are opened, the balloons have deflated and Otto is officially a three year old. I woke up this morning and thought no way he’s now over three. Then I looked at how big he was sprawled out in my bed horizontal taking up the entire space. I was unfortunate enough to get the […]

The story of a three year old


Rylee and Cru Seagull outfit

The only good thing about ramps not being in season anymore is that it means garlic scapes are. I dice these up just like I would ramps into my eggs and quiche although they are a little bit tougher than the ramp leaves so sometimes I give them a little sauté in the butter. Garlic […]

Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe

Food & Beverage

Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe

There were no church pews crowded with people in pastels and big easter hats. No scents of fresh spring hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and lilies filling the sanctuary. There was no vibration of voices shaking the walls with hymns of Christ’s resurrection. Just like the grinch who stole Christmas, it felt like for a moment that […]

Easter with Otto at Home


Toddler Jellypop Easter BUnny Plush toy

if ever i’m given the chance to get up north i take it, especially if it’s to the leland lodge. joe, otto and i have gone there quite a few times and i feel like we have our little northern family up there. we know people by name now, we have our “spots” and we […]

Retreat at the leland lodge


Friends at the Leland Lodge

the snow is gone and the weather is warming up. it was the perfect weekend to go out and flea market! things are starting to ramp up and i’m ready for it. the antique malls around here are starting to look stale because nothing has been going on. as people get out of hibernation though […]

hunting for vintage treasure at kane county

Style & Fashion

Kane County Flea Market Treasures

i am coming off a major closet cleaning rampage from the last month and only kept items that fit/ i truly loved. like this cozy sweater by free people or my plaid shirt.. aka anything by free people. there is something about fridays that just make me want to cozy up and snuggle in especially […]

three questions to ask during closet cleaning


i think we may have started a new tradition for mothers day. or at least maybe i hope that its a yearly tradition. rewind – we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do to for mothers day and thinking maybe hiding out at home or going to pentwater? maybe chicago for the […]

mothers day weekend at the leland lodge


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