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Historic Michigan Farmhouse

Today we are heading back to Emily’s farm once more to tour another one of her rehabbed buildings on the farm. Previously we toured the garden shed that was transformed into the perfect pre wedding bridal hangout so it only makes sense that we continue on to the repurposed gentleman’s quarters of her venue. I […]

This Michigander Repurposed Her Farm to a Fun Air BnB


From the moment I stepped foot on to Emily’s farm I could feel the magic. I’ve known Emily for years and we’ve talked plants and farming and she’s done a lot of work on our farm and cottage but the timing never worked out for me to stop by her farm and check it out. […]

Garden Shed Repurposed into Quaint Hangout


Historic Garden Shed

Let’s talk about this Kate Spade Tweed Coat for a minute shall we? I had been off of the Kate Spade site for a few months or so and when I saw my pal Ashley wearing it I fell in love with it. The next big sale I snagged one for myself and found out […]

Kate Spade Tweed Coat and Fall Event


Kate Spade black and white tweed Coat

We are slowly making progress on our old farmhouse this year. While it’s not the large renovation we were hoping for we are grateful to be checking things off the list. We had a gentleman do a lot of work around The Found Cottage last year and he’s been helping around our farm with projects […]

How we replaced our farmhouse porch


Farmhouse Historic Porch Replacement

True story: I rarely buy anything without a coupon. It has to be something like a designer handbag or a brand that doesn’t have sales ever for me to spend. Because almost every brand at some point in the year will mark things down or have a sale. Tory Burch is one of those places […]

Blue Floral Clouds Hydrangea Dress From Tory Burch


How to style a summer belted dress

We dodged a major storm this week on the farm. I’m not going to lie to you, I haven’t prayed that hard in a while. They weather channel was predicting 70-80 mile per hour wind gusts with potential tornados and last night as I buttoned everything down in the garden I took a bunch of […]

What’s growing in the garden

In The Garden

Garden July

I have been trying really hard to listen to my body, my heart and mind lately but all the feelings just feel muddled. Do you ever feel that? Like the more you actively try to be still in listen the more clouded things become? I try to take a few moments each day and be […]

Orange you glad you stopped by?


Orange Jcrew Outlet Shirt

The Holland Farmers market was in full swing yesterday as we are entering into peak summer in Michigan. It was the perfect day to dress up in my new Vera for Anthropologie button up dress that I scored on sale this month. The weather is a bit muggy so lightweight wear was much needed. I […]

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress


Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

If you read my instagram post last night you would hear a bit of panic in my voice that in true Michigan fashion strawberry season is nearing it’s close. The extreme amounts of rain pretty much ruined the berries right on the bushes cutting the season short a week or two early. I was at […]

Fresh Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

Food & Beverage

Cinnamon Rolls With Fresh Market Berries Fast Rising

Last weekend Joe and I spent the greater part of our weekend working out in the garden getting our new garden beds into place. It was not work for the faint of heart. It was TOUGH. We welcomed the excuse to keep busy though (at least I did). With the loss of Binks our beloved […]

New Metal and Wood Garden Beds


Why I Love Raised Garden Beds

There is nothing I love more than sitting out in the garden at night around the fire pit enjoying a cocktail or a S’more with my family and talking about the day. It’s a simple and small activity that makes a weeknight feel like a vacation. We sit around roasting marshmallows enjoying our time together […]

Using Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away


How to naturally keep mosquitos away

This post is sponsored by Purple, all thoughts and opinions are my own A few weeks ago I was able to go check out my local Purple retailer when I was out in Lansing for work. I had just been awarded my 11 year pin at work and thought it was time to upgrade my […]

Feeling Royal in my New Purple Royal Seat Cushion


Purple Royal Seat Cushion

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