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i know that we have like a million actual projects to do at the penthouse (pentwater cottage) but i had to sneak a little fun decor project in there! there are so so many pros to having a shop but one of the best things is being surrounded by some of the most talented artists […]

pentwater plaid chairs

House & Home

we worked our booties off again at the penthouse this weekend. what was once boards and beams is now a beautiful crisp white. a few hours of painting and sweat and 6 gallons of benjamin moore dove white and the cottage (at least the first floor) is painted! before…. after! joe was ready to go […]

penthouse progress paint

House & Home

so it’s been a really long time since we actually went to work at pentwater. like almost a year. but with moving and new jobs/store you know. life just kind of got in the way and when we got there…. we didn’t really feel like working. we took a trip up there last weekend to […]

pentwater update

House & Home

it’s been a while since i updated you on our little slice o paradise aka the penthouse aka the pentwater palace. since we got her resided we…. have not done anything else. we have had a lot going on getting the store ready to open, holiday parties, work trips etc. it’s been a busy couple […]

pentwater palace

House & Home

remember my sweet little red cottage? remember how i spent all summer long deliberating about how to reside this beast? we finally decided it was best to hire it out. the walls are crooked and uneven and there are three different kinds of siding materials on the house. it was just too much for joe […]

penthouse progress siding edition

House & Home

this weekend we are heading up to pentwater to have a nice long work weekend. i know this doesn’t look like much but considering we had no interior siding or insulation…. or electric when we purchased the place this is a long way. what we’ve done so far: insulated the interior rewired all of the […]

pentwater progress

House & Home

remember our little humble abode up in pentwater michigan? she is getting new siding! YES new siding AND real windows. after much deliberation it was time to just pay someone and get it done. we’ve owned the place for almost 3 years and it’s just one of those things that needs to be done by […]

pentwater is getting siding!

House & Home

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