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Frances Jaye Holland Elk Dress

This Mint Cold is from last season but here are some of my favorites from the internet. This one from Asos This one from Modcloth  This dress I wont from Frances Jaye is by Elk but there is a similar one here for $40! Frye Boots are also close to 8 years old but similar […]

Mint Atlantic Pacific Coat

Style & Fashion

It is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting an entire month for the atlantic pacific holiday collection to officially launch. This is the brand that Ashley and I have driven to Chicago twice for now to shop. Today the holiday collection was launched online. Below are some of the pieces I’ve purchased […]

The Atlantic Pacific Holiday Launch is Today!

Style & Fashion

What to wear on my 33 birthday. Atlantic Pacific for nordstrom heart jacket and skirt with J.crew silk blouse

shop what i bought mint coat – i took a size 10 plaid coat – took a size 10 pink tulle skirt – i took a size medium pink bow top – i took a size medium black tulle skirt – i took a size small black tweed jacket with tie – i took a […]

atlantic pacific for halogen at nordstrom

Style & Fashion

If you scroll through all of the spring outfit suggestions on Pinterest you will no doubt come in to contact with ads for SHEIN Official. Tempted in the past, I never pushed the “Purchase Now” button on the site. I always thought no way this is that price. It’s probably going to come ten sizes […]

My First Shein Purchase Review

Style & Fashion

How to style a blazer from Shein

This outfit, I could have kept going. I could have added a brooch and some jewelry to my pink plaid blazer, bowtie, sequin pant ensemble but there comes a moment in every girls life where she has to draw the line somewhere. Looking back a brooch would have been nice. Maybe my simple bug brooch […]

Sequin Pants with Plaid Pink Blazer and Bows.

Style & Fashion

Goodbye 2020

I am putting together this guide to jacket styles while I’m about to assemble a rack I just bought on Amazon to house…my overflow jackets. Let me explain! I rarely if not ever get rid of my coats. Coats fit me if i’m having a skinny year or a heftier year. They’re like shoes. They […]

Your Guide to Jacket Styles

Style & Fashion

Neon Orange Coat

It’s my birthday this weekend and I am all dressed up with nowhere to go. Last year Joe took me to Detroit for a weekend away. We toured the Edsel Ford house, ate a fantastic dinner and had a weekend alone to do whatever we wanted. When we celebrated Joe’s birthday in quarantine I thought […]

Turning 34


New Grand Rapids Hotel

I’ll admit Ashley is the first one to buy this H & M Maxi Leopard dress. She wore it and I loved it and so I ordered it. Gotta love a friend who doesn’t care if you match. We planned to each wear this dress the next day and style it however we want to […]

Leopard Matching Dress

Style & Fashion

HM Leopard Dress

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be shopping for right now. Madewell is having 40% off almost the entire site (including sale) which is bringing some of my favorite items to less than $20. My absolute favorite blazer is on sale with an extra 40% and I’m debating if I need it in ALL […]

Madewell Extra 40% off Sale!

Style & Fashion

Madewell Emmett Pants on Clearance

Ladies and gentleman, introducing Otto! Sometimes I just look at Otto and can’t believe that we get to be  a family of three. Life before him just seems so fuzzy to me and it makes me laugh at how fast a child can integrate themselves into your life. Otto is moving into a new classroom […]

Ladies and Gentleman Introducing Otto!


Mom and toddler janie and jack

I think that this caldwell boyfriend blazer from madewell might be the hero of my fall and winter wardrobe. I have worn in at least ten different ways and I keep on thinking of more and more. (ps I’ve been saving them on my pinterest board) One of my Instagram friends sent me this idea […]

Style Guide: Boyfriend Blazer

Style & Fashion

Winter Anthropolgie Tulle Skirt

I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions. Mostly because growing up they almost ALWAYS centered around weight loss and also because I never kept them. I am more of a goal maker. I feel like goals are a more positive way to make changes especially around the new year. To me, resolutions […]

Goals for 2020


Heart Print Skirt from Atlantic PAcific

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