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Fall Michigan Farmers Markets

This past Saturday Otto and I decided we needed some fresh air while Joe was out deer hunting. We bundled up and headed to the Holland Farmers Market to see what was going on at the market. It was sunny and the air was crisp. We walked from stall to stall taking in all of […]

Holland Winter Farmers Market


On Saturday I had the rare opportunity to have some alone time at the farmers market. Since I was heading to the sale at Garden House on my way back I decided to try a market I haven’t been to in a while. I headed south to the Kalmazoo Farmers Market. I forgot how absolutely […]

Visiting the Kalamazoo Farmers Market



This week brought back so many memories of when Otto was a newborn and I was desperate to get out of the house but we had to be careful because he was pre surgery and in heart failure. The farmers market always felt like (and was) a safe place for us to go. Every Wednesday […]

Midwest Farmers Market Report June

Style & Fashion

Safety at the Farmers Market

one of the first vegetables to pop up for the spring and summer michigan farmers markets is asparagus. asparagus signals the start to summer and grows abundantly during the last few weeks of spring. We have been eating asparagus almost every night with dinner because right now it’s around $3/lb. some of my favorite ways […]

fun facts about asparagus at the fulton farmers market

Style & Fashion

Grand Rapids, Michigan Farmers Market in early June has swiss chard, asparagus and more

i read this article a few years ago written by a local farmer in the michigan area that i frequently bump in to at farmers markets. it literally broke my heart. the article is called “the end of the road” and is about the big box retailers selling milk for $1.50 a gallon with a […]

how to support your local farmers


How to support your local farmers

it’s summer in michigan and that means one thing.. or maybe like ten things to me. flea market season. (and garden, pool, beach, cottage, farmers market etc season). i’ve been to maybe three or four markets already this summer and some were better than others. one thing is for sure though.. i never have a problem […]

3 tips how to find flea markets

House & Home

  I think that shopping for fall clothing might be my favorite season to shop for. I love all the plaids, sweaters and crisper weather. Although, fall in Michigan has been very reminiscent of summer time. The temperatures are slowly starting to fall though, and we have our first threat of frost in the forecast. […]

Fall Fashion Finds Plaid Top From Sezane

Style & Fashion

Sezane Plaid Top with White Collar

True story: I rarely buy anything without a coupon. It has to be something like a designer handbag or a brand that doesn’t have sales ever for me to spend. Because almost every brand at some point in the year will mark things down or have a sale. Tory Burch is one of those places […]

Blue Floral Clouds Hydrangea Dress From Tory Burch

Style & Fashion

How to style a summer belted dress

The Holland Farmers market was in full swing yesterday as we are entering into peak summer in Michigan. It was the perfect day to dress up in my new Vera for Anthropologie button up dress that I scored on sale this month. The weather is a bit muggy so lightweight wear was much needed. I […]

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

Style & Fashion

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

When I think of perennial plants my mind automatically goes to shrubs, flowers, bushes and trees, but did you know that there are select herbs in Michigan that are also considered perennials? One of my favorite ways to fill space in the garden is by planting complementary herbs. I have them growing in tubs on […]

Growing Perennial Herbs in Michigan


Holland Michigan Farmers Market

Mother’s day is a day that means so much to me. While it’s nice that Joe and Otto take the time to make the day extra special I truly enjoy reflecting back on my journey to becoming a mom. Even with all of the struggles and heartbreak it has been truly the greatest gift of […]

The Best Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

Farm & Garden

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

You could google all the different sites about what is on trend for spring and they’ll all tell you something contradictory to what the last article said. One post I read even said that G strings are in. NO THANK YOU. This is why dressing in whatever makes you feel most comfortable and special will […]

Casual Spring Dress Trends

Style & Fashion

Hot Trends for Spring Dresses

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