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you guys.. otto slept from 10pm-4am and then again from 5am – currently sleeping. what did i do to deserve such good luck? maybe baby boy is starting to realize his parents are so much more fun when they’re rested. and when they’re rested they can do more fun things like play with fall decor. […]

simple fall dining room decor

House & Home

this week the heat has been absolutely sweltering. we put a portable ac unit in our bedroom to keep the air circulating but our room is lofted so it doesn’t stay that cool. however it’s cool enough to making sleep somewhat comfortable. i’m looking forward to next weeks 70 degree temperatures for sure. this past […]

backyard work

House & Home

i thought it would be fun today to explore a room i’ve never showed on the blog. mostly because i’m mostly forbidden from it. it’s joe’s office. since the dawn of our marriage joe has had an office in our houses and it has been up to his discretion on how to decorate it. i’m […]

joe’s office

House & Home

if each room was getting a theme for christmas then this christmas dining room would be called “blue christmas”. i didn’t really have a plan for this room i just know i wanted to do something with velvet and a white tree. the rest just kind of came together from there. i found this little […]

christmas dining room

House & Home

seriously… my day started at 5am and i’m just sitting down to my computer before my next meeting at 11:15. better late than never though i guess right? I’ve been trying to bring my own food from home to work in an effort to not eat out as much. this is all fine and dandy […]

cocktail lounge

House & Home

i love plants. i’m a perennial plant hoarder to the extreme. my last house… i went crazy. i just bought plants left and right at random greenhouses, farmers markets and road side stands not really even paying attention to if they were the right fit for my sun allowance, soil type etc. i ended up […]

farmhouse landscaping

House & Home

you know what the least expensive update to any room is (in my opinion) ? pillows. i love pillows. i love pillows on my bed, on the floor, on the couch… i love pillows. i also love the concept of inserts and interchangeable covers. that way you can change them out seasonably/ mood wise and […]

bedroom updates

House & Home

ok so i pulled the trigger and officially ordered carpet for the living room and I can’t wait to show you what i decided to go with. warning…. it’s drastic. and some people are going to hate it. but it’s joe and i and he loved it sooooooooo can’t wait. we need more furniture for […]

living room chairs

House & Home

this house is very seasonal. it’s funny how in the winter we migrate to three rooms bedroom, kitchen, living room. when it’s summer it’s bedroom, patio, screen room. the screen room by far stays one of the coolest rooms in the house because it circulates air well and has low hanging fans. it’s pretty toasty […]

screen room update

House & Home

i’m not a hoarder… i’m a collector. i’m a collector of vintage table clothes, pyrex, hazel atlas pink dishes, ceramic collies, paint by numbers, wool plaid blankets, plaid metal coolers and jadeite. hey everything has it’s place right!? my jadeite shelves were starting to fill up so i had to make room. heaven forbid i […]

jadeite on parade

House & Home

it must be hard to be the middle room. you’re not the dining room but your not the living room you are this in between room. you can’t have a lot in the center because people need to walk through you to get to the living room. when i saw this glam coffee table i […]

glam coffee table

House & Home

ahhhhh this room… the first (almost) complete room that we have done in the farmhouse. meaning it’s the only room we’ve painted and put new furniture in, light fixtures etc. so this is the before.. the wallpaper was layered and layered and took me almost a month to tear down. but i finally got it […]

farmhouse dining room

House & Home

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